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Post-divorce planning involves all the administrative tasks needed to tie up the lose ends of your divorce.  Many times, once the divorce is done, you are left alone to figure out "What's Next?".  We help you implement the terms of your divorce, such as getting the financial assets in your name, obtaining a QDRO to get your retirement plan assets, securing COBRA and health insurance, changing and securing all new insurance policies, such as life, health, auto, disability, changing beneficiary designations, assisting with tax issues and obtaining new estate plan documents, such as wills, trusts and health care surrogates, by referring you to estate planning attorneys in our trusted network.    We can also assist you with any financial , investment and wealth management services you may need through our affiliated wealth and life planning firm, Guidant Wealth Advisors, LLC.

We can assist you with all the post-divorce administrative tasks and planning needs you may have, even if we did not work with you during your divorce.


Post-Divorce Planning includes:
  • Getting all financial assets titled in your name
  • Drafting QDROs/DROs to get retirement assets into your name
  • Assisting and getting all beneficiary designations changed
  • Assistance in determining insurance needs, such as health, life, auto, home and disability
  • Referring you to estate planning attorneys to re-do your state planning documents, such as wills, trusts, guardianships and health care documents
  • Analyzing Social Security, Medicare and Medigap options, if needed
  • Analyzing your credit report and assisting with re-building and/or repairing your cred
  • Assist with tax issues such as referring you to a tax accountant in our trusted network, helping with quarterly vouchers, adjusting your W-4 and help with tax savings strategies.
  • Financial, Investment and Wealth Management planning (offered  separately through our affiliated wealth management firm, Guidant Wealth Advisors, LLC) to re-build your wealth and help you get where you need to be.

Financial, Investment & Wealth Management planning:
Through our affiliated wealth and life planning firm, Guidant Wealth Advisors, LLC*, we can also assist you with the following:
  • Establish investment accounts in your name and assist with transfer of assets
  • Establish IRA accounts and assist with direct rollover services
  • Provide comprehensive financial planning services
  • Provide wealth and investment management services
  • Provide risk management services
  • Provide portfolio monitoring and management services
(*services offered through the affiliated firm , Guidant Wealth Advisors, LLC,  requires a separate contract and fees separate and apart from Guidant Divorce Advisors, LLC)
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