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Financial Guidance During Difficult Times



​​We understand that divorce is one of the most emotionally challenging times of one's life.  Not knowing where you are at financially or knowing where you will be after the divorce, adds to that stress.  We outline your current situation and provide several financial settlement scenarios to show you where you will be and how each settlement option will affect you not just today, but years into the future.

We work closely with your attorney and other financial professionals to assist you in putting together financial affidavits, providing financial statements and documents, putting together equitable distribution schedules, alimony/maintenance scenarios and child support schedules.  We also review insurance policies, estate plans, credit history, tax ramifications and income potential to help you prepare to move forward. 


Once we have the total financial picture, we will assist you in determining what is most important to you and help you and your attorney support those goals by providing several financial plans to support your position.  We attend mediation and trial, if needed, but work hard to help you settle your case in amicable and peaceful manner.

We make sure you don't overlook any financial landmines and help you to ask questions you may not have thought of.  We provide you financial clarity not only today but for the future as well.


​Most divorce cases involve attorneys, forensic accountants and psychologists.  They focus on what you currently have and what has "historically" happened.  They show you where you are "today" and what you will get "today".  Once the divorce is over, you are often left to figure out your new financial situation on your own, including getting assets in your name and handling all the post-divorce administration issues, such as insurance issues, taxes, investments, estate planning, etc. on your own.  Most clients are left asking "What's next?" or "Where do I go from here?".


As financial and wealth advisors by training, we not only provide forensic financial services during the divorce, but also future financial projections to show you how each settlement offer will affect you years into the future.  This gives you clarity and security in knowing which settlement offer is best for you.  We can then assist you through our wealth management and life planning practice* in implementing financial strategies to help you re-build your wealth and financial security.

Once the divorce is over, we assist with post-divorce administration by helping you get the assets into your name, reviewing your credit and debt situation, handling insurances and helping you to move toward the new financial goals you want.

We help you see clearly where you are now, where you will be in the future and guide you in making sound financial decisions.  We assist you through the entire process, not just during the divorce.

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